How To Bid on Click Auction

Follow these simple steps to make a bid on your favourite lot(s)

  1. Log In or Register a Bidder account before attempting to place a bid.
  2. Browse the auction lots and select an item that interests you.

  3. OPTION 1
    – In box next to the “Custom Bid” button, enter your bid amount. (N.B. your bid must be more than or equal to the figure directly below the box which represents the minimum bid or minimum bid increment).

    OPTION 2 – Select a desired bid amount in the drop down box and select QUICK BID

After submitting your bid, you will receive an email confirming your action. The lot will also be visible under the “Auctions” tab on your “My Account” page. You will receive an email if you have the winning bid or if someone outbids you.