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Photographic Art Print: Place of Water – by Artist Nicky Newman
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Photographic Art Print: Place of Water – by Artist Nicky Newman | Paper dimension  94cm x 64 cm |  Image dimension is 84 cm x 54 cm


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Since 2013, Nicky Newman has been photographing the public swimming pool at the Sea Point Pavilion in Cape Town, South Africa. Perched on the Atlantic Ocean, the pool is a place for leisure and exercise. For Newman, the pool provided a space to recover her health and create a remarkable photo series in the process

Nicky Newman: I’m happiest whenever I’m in or near water. 

Ten years ago, after a great but grueling career as a documentary filmmaker in South Africa, I thought I was experiencing burnout, but it was a more serious health situation. I found myself quite literally broken with zero explanation available from medical professionals as to what was going on.

I was alone in navigating a long, complex and debilitating situation. I wasn’t able to move without extreme pain and exhaustion, but being in the water allowed me to stretch and move slowly. My time at the Sea Point Pavilion pool in Cape Town played a profound part of my journey back to health. This is an image from one of my swims there.   

Name of Sponsor/Company: Nicky Newman
Website: https://www.nickynewmanphotography.com/
Other links: https://www.facebook.com/nickynewmanphotography/
Email : melanie@Ikamva.co.za
Contact Person: Nicky Newman

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